Location: Holder building room 154.00.04
Telephone: 73674.
Contact: Gareth Hughes

The FEI FIB 200 was installed in 1999. It is very similar to a scanning electron microscope, except that a focused beam of ions is used instead of electrons. Depending on the material being imaged, the resolution of the system is ~7nm.

Facilities available on this instrument include in-situ deposition of platinum and ion beam assisted chemical etching using either I2 or XeF2.

Current activities on the FIB

  • Specimen preparation for TEM and Atom Probe
  • Fabrication of nano-beam and cantilever specimens
  • Fabrication of nano-structured materials
  • Surface patterning and lithography
  • Ion implantation and irradiation
  • Cross-sectioning of biomaterials

Potential users should contact Gareth Hughes to discuss their projects.