Location: Begbroke Hirsch Building 317.10.40/41/42
Telephone: 83742
Contact: Judy Kim

The JEOL 2200MCO is a field emission gun TEM/STEM with aberration correctors fitted to the imaging and probe forming lenses. It was installed in late 2006 and operates at 200kV and 80kV.

Operation of the microscope is performed via computer control. Particular attention has been paid to making the environment in the microscope room extremely stable.

The aberration correctors are based on pairs of hexapoles designed by CEOS and aberrations up to the third order are corrected. The TEM imaging system resolution is thus improved to 0.12nm. Similarly the size of the probe used for STEM imaging is reduced towards the 0.1nm level.

There is an in-column Omega-type electron energy filter for forming electron energy loss spectra and energy filtered images. Images and spectra are recorded on a Gatan 4k by 4k Ultrascan CCD camera. There is also a JEOL EDX system and Faraday Cage. A piezo stage allows very fine control of the specimen position in x, y and z directions.