Dr Neil P. Young

Senior EM Facility Manager,  MSci., PhD (Birmingham).

30.10 Holder Building,Department of Materials, University of Oxford, Parks Road, Oxford, OX1 3PH

Telephone: 01865 273655

E-mail: neil.young@materials.ox.ac.uk


Neil manages the David Cockayne Cnetre for Electron Microscopy, including teaching and training activities across all aspects of electron microscopy (EM).  In addition he delivers front-line research support for users of TEM and associated techniques.  He is particularly focused on developing user expertise and applications in advanced TEM techniques such as HRTEM, STEM and electron exit-wave function restoration. Neil has previous experience of managing and running the Oxford-JEOL 2200MCO double aberration corrected and monochromated (S)TEM, and also worked as a consultant applications specialist in high-end TEM with JEOL(UK) Ltd.

Neil is the point of contact for EM access requests. He is happy to discuss the scientific aspects of projects requiring EM support from Materials and other departments within the university, and currently works on several collaborative projects with researchers from across the MPLS division.

Neil runs a 'drop-in' surgery session for electron microscopy matters each Wednesday at 10am in the Holder Building Cafe.  Scientific or administrative matters may be discussed with him and the DCCEM research support team.