Begbroke Info

Access to the Hirsch building


You need a fob to get into the Hirsch building. If you are an occasional visitor  you can borrow a fob from reception for a day - contact Greg Cook to get your name added to the list or see Shaun Boyce to be issued with your own fob if you visit Begbroke regularly.

Out Of Hours Working


The Hirsch building is locked at approx 10.00pm and unlocked at 6.00am. The building can be accessed by staff at any time but note:

If you plan to work after 6.30 pm, you should alert University Security Services. Tell them where you will be working (e.g Hirsch Building and which microscope) and when you intend to finish. Carry ID.  When you have completed your work notify security.  In the unlikely event that you need to work in the Hirsch Building  after 10pm, you should phone USS early and they will then delay locking the building until you have finished. Failure to do this will incur additional costs to the Department. 

 A member of staff must accompany non-university staff working late. No lone working is permitted in the labs out of hours without the consent of your group leader.


Getting there...


For information on getting to Begbroke, please see the Begbroke Science Park Website