IT and Data Storage

All microscopes in the Parks Road and Begbroke sites are attached to a networked storage (SAN) facility, where your data from the microscopes is to be saved. The instrument PCs have no access to the internet, therefore, any data that you produce on the microscope needs to be saved or transferred to the NAS for you to be able to process it. The SAN drive is mapped to a drive on the system, normally the Z:\ drive on windows based PCs. Please ensure that you data is saved to this area.

A PC to transfer data is available in Begbroke and several PCs for the offline processing of data cal be found in the IT lab in the Parks Road suite.

Accessing the data

Information on how to access the data remotely can be found in the following PDF files (internal connections only):


Network Access

There is full Eduroam wi-fi access for users wishing to connect to the internet in the EM area. There are also some wired connections available in the EM IT lab for users who need access to the local network. Please do not try to connect to a wired connection in the microscope rooms.