The Department of Material has always had an extensive range of instruments for electron microscopy and microanalysis.

DCCEM facilities can be broadly categorised as transmission electron microscopes, scanning electron microscopes, focussed ion beam systems and specimen preparation systems.

Specimen Preparation

  • Fischione 1010 ion mill
  • Fischione 1040 NanoMill
  • Bio Rad gold sputter coating system
  • Leica ACE600 Coater
  • Gatan 656 dimple grinder
  • Fischione 1020 plasma cleaner (x2)
  • Buehler Isomet low speed saw
  • Metprep grinder/polisher
  • Struers Labopol-5
  • Logitech precision lapping machine
  • Gatan PECS
  • Gatan PECS - Vacuum Transfer
  • South Bay Technology tripod polisher