JEOL 3000F

Location: Holder building room 154.00.11

Contact: Ian Griffiths

The JEOL 3000F is a field emission gun (FEG) TEM, which was installed in 1999 and operates between 100 and 300kV.

The improved brightness and coherence of the field emission electron source, over either a LaB6 or a tungsten thermal emitter, makes this a powerful analytical instrument. The high-resolution performance (a point resolution of 0.16nm) is complemented by the ability to perform chemical microanalysis from sub-nanometre areas (below 0.4nm in some cases).

  • Specimen holders: single tilt (+/-25 degrees) , low background Be double tilt (+/-25 degrees), strong double tilt (+/-25 degrees) for magnetic specimens
  • A piezoelectric stage allows fine mechanical movements to be made. The signal from the TV-rate CCD camera may be used to carry out manual or automated specimen drift correction.
  • An Oxford Instruments energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer (EDS) with a super atmospheric thin window (SATW) detector allows chemical analysis of elements down to boron under suitable conditions. This detector had an ISIS 300 processor but was upgraded in Summer 2008 to an INCA processor.
  • A STEM unit together with annular dark field detector.  Customised lens settings allow small probes to be formed, capable in the best case of resolving the Si dumbell at 0.14nm spacing.A Faraday cup may be fitted to the microscope to allow accurate measurement of beam currents.
  • A 4k Gatan Ultrascan camera is fitted
  • A biprism enables holography to be carried out at low and high magnifications.
JEOL 3000F

JEOL 3000F