Training Schedule

Training takes place throughout the year in response to requests to support projects.  The bulk of training happens in Michaelmas and Hilary terms as new DPhil students arrive.  EM training is split into lectures on the theory behind techniques and also practical training on the operation of instrumentation and collection of data. 

Postgraduate Lectures

A series of postgraduate level lectures are given in Michaelmas and Hilary terms and these form the basis for later practical training:

  • Foundation Topics for Electron Microscopy MT Wks 2-4, Neil Young/Pete Nellist/Gareth Hughes
  • Microscopy and Analysis of Surfaces MT Wks 4-7,  Chis Allen/ Frank Dillon
  • Imaging and Diffraction in (S)TEM HT (Wk1-4) Neil Young/Chris Allen
  • Spectroscopy with the (S)TEM HT (Wk5-8) John Titchmarsh/Rebecca Nicholls 

Practical Training

Practical training builds upon the concepts covered in these lectures and is tailored to specifc research projects.  In addition specific self-contained courses run on topics such as Advanced Microanalysis techniques, HRTEM image interpretation/exit-wave restoration and WDS/quantitative X-ray analysis. Users are given a timetable for lectures/training that they should attend at the start of their training.  Equally, any researcher is welcome to enquire about lectures/courses that may be useful to them.