Thermo-Fisher Helios G4-CXe PFIB

Location: Holder building room 154.00.22

Contact: Gareth Hughes

Our recently aquired Thermo Scientific Helios G4 CXe Plasma FIB (PFIB) delivers capabilities for large volume 3D characterization, Ga+free sample preparation and precise micromachining. Helios G4 PFIB CXe is part of the fourth generation of the industry-leading Helios DualBeam family. It combines the new PFIB 2.0 column and the Monochromated Elstar SEM column to deliver the most advanced focused ion- and electron beam performance. 

Complementing the system's high resolution imaging and large volume milling abilities are an Oxford Instruments Ultim Max 170 X-ray detector and Hiden Analytical EQS SIMS detector for analytics. The system is uniquely setup for detection of light elements, with SIMS giving the system the capability to detect all elements including, helium and lithium. 

Air sensitive samples may be handled by the system thanks to the Gatan iLoad system, which allows anaerboic transfer of samples between glove boxes, sample preparation kit (Gatan PECS II) and our other analytical FE-SEM, the Zeiss Merlin. 


If you would like more information as to the capabilities of the system, or to discuss access or collaborative work on the system, please contact us at

TF Helios G4 PFIB