Zeiss Auriga

Location: Holder Building Room 154.00.22

Contact:  Gareth Hughes

The Auriga combines a high resolution SEM to the precision milling and nanofabrication abilities of a high resolution FIB.

The SEM features Schottky field emission Gemini electron column operating between 100V and 30kV, capable of resolutions of 1.0nm at 15kV and 1.9nm at 1kV. The SEM column is coupled with an Orsay Physics “Cobra” Ga+ ion FIB. The FIB column operates between 1kV and 30kV with a range of ion beam currents between 1pA and 20nA. It also has the capability of imaging to 2.5nm resolution.

The system is fitted with a standard in chamber ET detector, and two in column detectors, in the form of an in lens SE detector and also an energy selective backscattered electron detector.

A Zeiss gas injection system is fitted, which enables the deposition of Carbon, Tungsten and Platinum. Additionally, water is available as an enhanced etchant for carbon materials. For TEM and atom probe specimen preparation, an in situ liftout facility is provided by a single Kleindiek micromanipulator.

The Auriga is also equipped with the FIBICS Atlas Engine which enables the direct writing of complex patterns and objects using the ion beam, and also automated 3-dimensional cross sectioning (Atlas 3D).

Zeiss Auriga FIB-SEM

Zeiss Auriga FIB-SEM