Zeiss Merlin - Analytical

Location: Holder building room 154.00.11

Contact: Jennifer Holter

The Carl Zeiss Merlin is a high resolution field emission gun SEM with analytical capabilities. The system is fitted with a number of detectors for imaging including: Everhart Thornley, in lens secondary and in column energy selective backscattered (ESB) electron and STEM dectectors. Analytical capability is provided by an Oxford Instruments XMax 150mm2 for obtaining high resolution spectra and high spatial resolution maps.

The instrument also has a facility for local charge compensation and electron beam assisted cleaning. The system is fitted with a plasma cleaner for chamber and sample cleanliness. 

  • Operating voltages  20V -> 30kV, upto 40nA beam current
  • Resolution 0.8nm @15kV, 1.6nm@1kV
  • Inlens SE and energy selective backscatter detectors.
  • Four quadrant backscattered electron detector
  • Fitted with Zeiss A-STEM detector
  • Charge compensation device for working on insulating specimens without the need for coating or low vacuum.
  • Oxford instruments Xmax 150 EDX for ‘routine’ analysis and mapping of a wide variety of specimens, aimed at working at low energies for higher resolutions.
  • In collaboration with Oxford Instruments  - Developmental windowless detector for low enengy X ray analysis and mapping of Li compound.
  • Fitted with a Gatan cryo stage and cryo / vacuum transfer capability and a customised Gatan Ilion II system with customised iload system.
Zeiss Merlin Analytical

Zeiss Merlin Analytical