Zeiss NVision 40 FIB-SEM

Location: Holder building room 154.00.06
Telephone: 73675
Contact: Gareth Hughes

The NVision 40 combines a high resolution SEM to the precision milling and nanofabrication abilities of a high resolution FIB.

The SEM features Schottky field emission Gemini column operating between 100v and 30kV, capable of resolutions of 1.1nm at 20kV and 2.5nm at 1kV. The SIINT Zeta Ga+ ion FIB column operates between 1kV and 30kV with ion currents between 0.1pA and 45nA. The resolution of the ion beam is 4nm at 1pA.

FIB and E-beam deposition is available through the multichannel SII gas injection system (GIS), with facilities for W, C or SiO2, as well as the enhanced etching provided by XeF2 and selective carbon mill gas chemistries.

Dual Kleindiek micromanipulators are also installed. These can be used be used in conjunction with the GIS for in situ specimen lift out, or independently for electrical probing and specimen interaction.

Currently the instrument is equipped with a range of imaging detectors, including a Everhart-Thornley detector, 4 quadrant backscatter, in-lens secondary electron detector and also an energy selective backscatter detector which is also internal to the SEM column. Additionally, the Raith Elphy Quantum lithography system for both e-beam and ion beam applications can be used to mill or deposit complex structures for nanofabrication.

Current activities on the NVision 40

  • • In situ liftout preparation for TEM specimens
  • • 3D Atom Probe specimen preparation
  • • Serial sectioning for 3D reconstruction
  • • Fabrication of nano-beam and cantilever specimens

Potential users should contact Gareth Hughes to discuss their applications.